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NFL recommends a minimum one-year indefinite suspension for Deshaun Watson.

On the eve of Deshaun Watson’s hearing before the independent disciplinary officer who will make the initial determination regarding his punishment, the NFL has recommended that he serve an indefinite suspension of at least one year.

A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that the league informed Sue L. Robinson, the former federal judge who serves as the disciplinary officer, Ben Watson, and the NFL Players Association of its recommendation on Monday evening. The individual spoke on the condition of anonymity because neither party had authorized them to comment.

Robinson, who is jointly compensated by the league and players union, will review the facts gathered during the league’s year-long investigation following the conclusion of the hearing, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday and possibly last until Wednesday. Additionally, she will consider the arguments presented by the NFL and NFL Players Association.

She will then announce her decision regarding Watson’s punishment, if any.

If Robinson follows the NFL’s recommendation, Watson and the NFLPA are expected to appeal. According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would either preside over the process and make the final determination himself, or appoint another individual to do so.

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