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At least 36 dead in Chinese factory fire

At least 36 people were killed in a fire at a factory in the Chinese city of Anyang on Monday. Several people are also missing, Chinese state media report.

The fire broke out at 8 p.m. (local time) and was under control about three hours later. As far as is known, two people were also injured.

The business premises are located in a district with many tech companies. Emergency services turned out in a big way and sent at least 63 fire fighting vehicles to the building. More than 200 rescue workers were deployed to fight the fire.

Nothing is yet known about the cause of the fire. According to the local authorities, the public security service has suspects in the picture.

Industrial accidents are a regular occurrence in China, where safety regulations are often poorly observed. For example, in March 2019, an explosion at a chemical plant killed 78 people and injured hundreds.

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