Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Missing rappers found dead in rat-infested basement

DETROIT – Three American rappers who have been missing for two weeks have been found dead in a basement in Detroit. They were murdered, according to the police, but by whom is not yet clear.

Due to an unrelated case, officers went into the basement of an abandoned building and found the three remains there. The basement would have been a mess and full of rats. The murdered men, all in their thirties, lay under the rubble and had gunshot wounds. The exact cause of death is under investigation. The police still have “many unanswered questions,” a spokesperson told local media.

The three rappers had been missing since January 21, the day they were scheduled to perform together at a Detroit nightclub. That performance was canceled at the last minute, reportedly due to equipment problems, but the three have not been seen since. There was also no signal from their phones.

According to the police, it will take a while before an autopsy can take place. Because it is so cold in Detroit, it is necessary to wait 48 hours before the bodies can be properly examined. It freezes 15 degrees at night in the North American city.

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