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Airbnb forbids “parties” permanently in response to Arizona’s restrictions on short-term rentals.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — After instituting a temporary ban nearly two years ago, the largest short-term rental service in the world has implemented a permanent ban on parties and major events.

Airbnb stated in a press release on Tuesday, “The temporary ban has proven to be effective, and we are now codifying it as our official policy.” Since the ban was implemented, the company reported a 44% year-over-year decline in reported parties. The company’s Arizona sales decreased by 55 percent year-over-year.

Valley-wide discontent

Several cities in the Valley have expressed concerns about short-term rentals after frequent loud, dangerous, and/or destructive parties disrupted otherwise tranquil suburban neighborhoods. As Airbnb hosts and communities across the nation complained about nuisances and violence in 2020, the company took the unusual step of prohibiting bookings under certain conditions.

Airbnb stated that its “anti-party” system and restrictions prevented 11,000 bookings in Arizona last year. In addition, Arizona Family reported in February that 70 listings in popular tourist destinations such as Phoenix, Flagstaff, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Sedona had been removed.

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